We hope this email finds you well 😊. We’re thrilled to share the latest updates and enhancements we’ve been working on this past month! As always, our goal is to ensure you get the most out of our products, and we’ve got some exciting news to share. Let’s dive into it:

✨ Spotlight Feature ✨

Upload the FBA pack list in bulk

Ready to simplify your FBA shipment box quantity updates? 📦 Look no further! Our latest addition to the Label & Pack page lets you upload the FBA pack list, swiftly updating box quantities in mere seconds. 🕒

Other Exciting Updates:

1. Verify if you can list products for the ASIN immediately upon scanning them.

Now, you can quickly check if you’re eligible to list the ASIN as soon as you scan it into a batch. No more waiting until you submit the item to Amazon! 🚀 We’ve made your life easier!

2. eBay Fees now populated for orders

eBay fees are now displayed in the order editing modal, as shown in the screenshot above. Need to import the fee in bulk? Use our Orders API or download it in a report from the Orders page. 📊

Bonus Update 🚀

Check out this awesome video on boosting your picking and packing speed by 10X with zero errors! 📦💨 Don’t miss it: [Link]. Take your productivity to the next level!

Thank you for being part of our SellerChamp family! 🙌 Here’s to a month filled with great connections, big achievements, and plenty of smiles! 😊

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