Poshmark is a unique selling platform that relies on the third-party company DSCO for API access. Unlike other marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, Poshmark doesn’t have its own API. This integration process usually takes about 2-3 weeks, giving us plenty of time to ensure everything is set up perfectly. 🛠️

❗ Important Note ❗

Keep in mind, the listing process on Poshmark is largely manual due to DSCO integration limitations. While SellerChamp can update quantity and price, other product details will need to be manually updated directly on Poshmark. 📋

🔄 Integration Process 🔄

Step 1: Requesting Integration 📧

To get started, request the integration of your Poshmark account with SellerChamp. You can send us a message in the chat box or email us at support@sellerchamp.com.

Step 2: Communication with Poshmark 📨

SellerChamp will contact Poshmark using your Poshmark account email and closet name to initiate the integration. Poshmark will then reach out to you directly to complete the initial enterprise seller onboarding process.

Step 3: Portal Setup 🌐

Once you’ve completed the initial onboarding with Poshmark, you’ll be added to the SellerChamp Poshmark Portal. SellerChamp will guide you through the remaining Poshmark onboarding steps, including answering setup questions. Midway through this process, Poshmark will notify DSCO to start their part.

Step 4: DSCO Onboarding ✉️

DSCO will send an email invitation to set up an account. You’ll need to complete two onboarding processes—one for Poshmark and one for CommerceHub, including testing the connection. SellerChamp will support you throughout this stage.

Step 5: API Key Setup 🔑

Once the DSCO onboarding is complete, SellerChamp will request API keys from DSCO support. Upon receiving the keys, SellerChamp will configure the channel within SellerChamp.

Step 6: Testing and Activation ✅

SellerChamp will test the functionality from SellerChamp to DSCO, ensuring order imports, inventory, and price updates work correctly. After successful testing, SellerChamp will request Poshmark to activate the integration. If there are any pending tasks in the SellerChamp-Poshmark portal, you might need to complete them.

Step 7: Cross-Listing 🔄

Finally, SellerChamp will help you cross-list products from other marketplaces to Poshmark by creating listings within DSCO. You will then download Poshmark reports from the batch, add any missing required details, and upload them to Poshmark.

By following this guide, you can seamlessly integrate your Poshmark account with SellerChamp, optimizing your selling process and ensuring your inventory and pricing are always up-to-date. Happy selling! 🎉