We’re back with some exciting updates and fresh features for you this June! At SellerChamp, we’re always working to make your experience better, and we can’t wait to share what’s new. Let’s dive into all the awesome improvements and innovations we’ve rolled out this month! 🌟🚀

✨ Spotlight Feature ✨

Manage Item Specifics sent to the marketplace

🛡️ Want to fine-tune which product details get shared on your Selling Channel? We’ve got you covered! Just head to the product edit screen, scroll to Item Specifics, hover over the specific you want to hold back, and check the box that appears on the right where the label says `Dont Push`. Click Save, and you’re all set!

Other Exciting Updates:

Easily view the ALT SKU for each item in your order with just one click

Just click the highlighted arrow icon ↕️ and watch the SKU field switch to the ALT SKU field, showing the value for the item in your order.

eBay Fees now populated for orders

eBay fees are now displayed in the order editing modal, as shown in the screenshot above. Need to import the fee in bulk? Use our Orders API or download it in a report from the Orders page. 📊

🎉 Amazon Business Pricing is Back!

We had to disable Amazon Business pricing when the related Amazon APIs were deprecated. But great news – it’s back! You can start using it again now. 🎉

Bonus Update 🚀

Check out this awesome video on boosting your picking and packing speed by 10X with zero errors! 📦💨 Don’t miss it: [Link]. Take your productivity to the next level!

Thank you for being part of our SellerChamp family! 🙌 Here’s to a month filled with great connections, big achievements, and plenty of smiles! 😊

Ready to take your business to new heights? Let’s work together to make some magic! 🚀✨