As we reach the end of the first quarter of 2023, we hope that all of you have had a great start to the year. We’ve been working diligently to enhance our UI/UX over the last few weeks, and we are excited to share with you some of the latest features and improvements that we have released in the past two months.

1. Configure the display of discount price on Price labels

You can now configure whether or not to show the discount price on price labels for a listing. You can find this option on the Client Account setup settings page.

2. ‘Priority’ and ‘Permanent’ fields on the Inventory Location report

We have added a couple of important fields, such as `Priority` and `Permanent`, to our inventory location report as part of our ongoing efforts to improve our reports.

3. Improvements to the Order search flow

We have enhanced the search flow on the orders page so that you can choose which specific field to search. We have added several fields in the first phase, including SKU, ASIN, Barcode, Order Number, Item Name, Buyer ID, Buyer Name, Tracking Number, Pickup Location, and Phone Number. We are also working on adding more fields in the upcoming days.

4. UI Improvements on the orders page

We’ve made some minor changes to our orders page to make it more organized and user-friendly. SellerChamp will now display a link called “Expand to view all items” instead of showing all ordered products by default in an order. Additionally, we have made the divider that separates each order stand out more, making it easier on the eyes.

5. Download error reports of your listings

You can now define the folder in which the system should generate a batch when the import for the relevant Channel connection begins.

6. Run channel connection imports against a specific item category

You can now select which products to import from one channel to the other by specifying an item category in the channel connections settings page. This feature allows you to import items that fall into the specific category from the source to the target marketplace