We hope you are having a great month!

We’ve been working in full swing to bring some unique and helpful features and additions that will help take your operations to the next level.

1. Update the eBay item condition and item remarks via API

We now have API capability for updating a product’s eBay item condition and item remarks.

Note: As seen in the screenshot above, you must give the eBay condition ID instead of the respective Item condition name.

2. Configure whether or not to send the Min and Max price to Amazon

Configuring whether or not to send the Min and Max price for your Amazon Items has been made super easy. The configuration can be found on the Amazon channel settings page.

3. Locations are printed on Item labels for Variants listings.

When you print Item labels, the locations at the variant level are now included.

4. Ability to stop the midnight auto account refresh.

If you wish to stop the midnight account refresh that runs on your selling account, then head over to the respective selling account’s settings page and you will the configuration as shown in the above screenshot.

5. SellerChamp Orders API Improvements

When you use the SellerChamp Orders API, you will now see a new field with the name “Subtotal”. This will show the amount before any taxes have been paid. You can see the total amount with taxes in the “total amount” field.

Additionally, we’ve included a new field called “shipped subtotal” that includes the amount against the quantities that have been shipped for the respective order.

Also, now you can update the handling, shipping, and miscellaneous cost of any product via the SellerChamp API. You can refer to our API Docs for more info.

6. Define a prefix when creating a Pick Set.

Now users have the ability to set a Location prefix while creating a Pick Set which will instruct the system to pick orders from the locations that start with the entered value only.


With this, it’s not the end of our product updates – we’re constantly evolving and working on new features to help you improve, enhance and optimize your eCommerce operations.