Amazon Seller Tools to Accelerate Your Business Growth in 2022

The digital eCommerce industry is booming rapidly, especially since the pandemic, as customers turned to their digital devices for apparel, grocery, home furnishing—practically anything you want. This has made the eCommerce industry more competitive than ever before. According to MarketPlace Pulse 476,000 new sellers joined Amazon in 2022 alone—and its U.S. sales are predicted to reach over $3.6 billion with a growth of 15.3% in 2022 as per Insider Intelligence. This massive potential mandates the need for Amazon seller tools to put your mundane tasks on auto-pilot.

So, to thrive in this increasing competition, accelerate your eCommerce business on your Amazon store, and increase your Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)—you need to streamline your sales processes and equip your business with the right automation tools.

This article shares the top 10 Amazon seller tools you can use to improve your online sales and take your business to the next level. But, first, let’s learn more about the benefits of these tools for your Amazon store.

What Are The Benefits of Using Amazon Seller Tools ?

Amazon seller software and tools take care of crucial business elements like advertising, customer service, and payments—allowing you to concentrate on core aspects of your business.

Here are some important business activities these tools take care of:

  • Profitability calculations: to determine your product’s fees and profit margins.
  • Competitive analysis: to determine your competitor’s in-demand and profitable products.
  • Forecast sales and inventory: to determine the right amount of stock you require to meet customer demands and optimize storage costs.
  • Delegation of tasks and responsibilities: and jump-starting employee onboarding and training as you add more members to your team.

As a business owner, it’s important to dedicate all your time and effort to developing long-term strategies and leading your team. And these tools help you do just that, but with better efficiency by automating repetitive manual tasks.

Top 10 Amazon Seller Tools To Grow Your Business This New Year

With that in mind, let’s go through the best Amazon seller tools that can help you stay at the top of your eCommerce game in 2022.

Amazon seller tools


SellerChamp’s Amazon Seller Software automates creating product listings, FBA shipments, and managing multi-channel order fulfillment a breeze.

Its Multi-channel Order Fulfillments tool lets you seamlessly manage multiple digital storefronts and connect order fulfillment partners like Deliverr or Amazon FBA. As a result, it prevents the need to put all your eggs in one basket and earn more money through other global marketplaces.

Top features:

  • Bulk lister to create new product listings in minutes.
  • Automatic inventory sync to facilitate cross-selling and prevent overselling.
  • Gain valuable insights on profits and sales across multiple channels.
  • Use FTP and API services to import inventory and supplier catalogue.

Pricing: The Starter plan starts at $39/month (billed annually)

Amazon seller tools

Helium 10 is the perfect seller tool—designed specifically keeping Amazon sellers in mind. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to run your Amazon store smoothly—including keyword research, product research, seasonal trends, and listing optimization.

One of its latest releases is inventory management—which facilitates stock management and handling logistical concerns on a single interface.

Top features:

  • Built-in security tools to prevent the risks of malicious threats.
  • PPC management and automation for effective marketing and revenue growth.
  • Smart metrics and competitive strategies.
  • World-class support and troubleshooting assistance from a community of experts.
  • Integrated mobile app to manage your business on the go.
  • Instant alerts and notifications on every account activity.

Pricing: The Starter plan begins at $39/mo.

Amazon seller tools

Finding high in demand products out of a huge database can be a huge hassle, and Jungle Scout’s Product Database feature helps with just that. It lets you easily search products via product categories, keywords, and custom filters.

One of the latest additions to their suite of tools is the Supplier Database—which allows you to find the best international suppliers for your products based on your search criteria.

Top features:

  • Find inventory data, daily sales, and revenue for any product using the Product Tracker.
  • Keyword Scout uses Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) or keywords to optimize your listings and improve PPC campaigns, drive traffic, and grow your business.
  • Track your FBA sales expenses revenue, view performance, and gain insights to maximize profits using the Sales Analytics tool.
  • Inventory Manager’s powerful demand forecasting to know exactly how much stock to order and when and prevent expensive stock-outs.

Overall, it’s a perfect Amazon seller tool for promotions, inventory management, and product listings.

Pricing: The Basic plan starts at $29/mo.

Amazon seller tools

Online arbitrage (buying products from online retailers and reselling them at a higher price) is an excellent strategy low capital sellers use to start selling on their Amazon store and earn profits.

AMZ Scout’s Amazon Online arbitrage and Dropshipping tool lets you find the low competition and profitable products you can resell on your Amazon store.

You can check the product’s profitability through Amazon search results, pricing history, potential margins, ranking, and fees—minimizing the time spent on product search, saving employee costs, and supporting business scalability.

Top features:

  • All in one Amazon seller software toolset.
  • Analyze product sales data by seasonal periods.
  • Offers a step-by-step course on “How to sell on Amazon.”
  • Discovers trustworthy and affordable local and international suppliers.

Pricing: The Pro Extension plan costs $16.49/month (billed annually), and the Amazon Seller’s Bundle costs $29/month (billed annually).

Amazon seller tools

Teikametrics is an excellent PPC campaign management tool specializing in Amazon advertising using AI algorithms. It uses an engaging visual layout and allows you to customize your ad campaigns to simplify PPC campaign management.

If you wish to drive maximum traffic to your store, improve brand recognition, and boost profits—Teikametrics is a great choice.

Top features:

  • Provides a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Algorithmic keyword bidding optimization and targeting.
  • Automates campaign creation and tedious advertising workflows to enhance efficiency.
  • Gain data-driven insights from custom-built reporting tools for better decision-making.

Pricing: Free if you make less than $10k/month of sales but charge a 3% commission of monthly ad spends for sales over $10k/month.

Errors such as damaged inventory, lost merchandise, incorrect fees, and delivery issues are common. And if you wish for peace of mind with your reimbursements—Refunds Manager is the perfect tool.

It uses your Amazon MWS account credentials to identify missing, damaged items and locate non-credited orders and late returns to manually file personalized claims from your end.

Top features:

  • An actual team manually checks your account and file claims to guarantee account reimbursements.
  • Covers almost 20 scenarios—including chargebacks, warehouse losses, and damaged returns to minimize the hassle of receiving refunds.
  • Submits claims manually, maintaining Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Pricing: 25% commission for each refund you receive.

Amazon seller tools

AMZ Refund is a hassle-free and affordable tool that finds eligible reimbursements—analyzing your inventory data and avoiding future losses.

You likely owe money for each damaged and destroyed item and lost inventory if you sell on Amazon with FBA. This fast and cloud-based tool identifies FBA errors and calculates the amount Amazon owes you.

Top features:

  • Affordable reimbursement service.
  • 100% TOS compliant and non-automated.
  • You don’t have to pay until AMZ Refund is sure about your reimbursement eligibility.

Pricing: Pay a 12% commission for every refund you receive.

amazon seller tools


MerchantWords provides access to an extensive Amazon shopper search data database to understand the competitive landscape, uncover product opportunities, create marketing campaigns, and drive sales and traffic to your store.

What makes it unique from other keyword tools is that its database includes over one billion unique keywords—more than other tools.

Top features:

  • Discover new niches, emerging trends, and top-ranking products.
  • Insights to build a winning strategy and drive sales.
  • Create and store product listings.
  • Powerful ASIN plus lookup tool and classic search.

Pricing: $35/mo.

AMZ Tracker is a powerful keyword tracking tool that helps optimize listings and grow sales.

Besides tracking commonly-used and popular keywords—its sales tracking spy tool lets you view your competitor’s daily sales, available inventory, and total revenue. As a result, it helps win a competitive edge and a dominant position in the marketplace.

Top features:

  • Ranks the top keyword results by volume and the rest alphabetically.
  • Beat Amazon’s A9 algorithm to reach first page rankings using competitor analysis, promotions, and conversion rate optimization.
  • Offers the Super URL tool to bring traffic off Amazon.
  • Hijack and negative review alerts.

Pricing: The Basic plan starts at $50/mo.

eComengine uses three primary Amazon seller tools to automate your repetitive tasks, enhance profitability, and save time.

You can either use a single standalone tool or all three altogether (as mentioned below) per your specific business needs.

Top features:

  • FeedbackFive to manage and automate feedback and review requests.
  • Restock Pro to manage FBA inventory and restock suggestions.
  • MarketScout to research products and Amazon market insights.

Pricing: Free, but the paid plan starts at $9.99/mo/user.


Amazon leads the eCommerce retail industry, dominating nearly 40% of all eCommerce sales in the United States. And automation Amazon seller tools are perfect for raking in profits and beating against the competition to grow your online business.

So, whether you’re looking for accounting automation, product research, marketing, or inventory management—make sure to check the tools mentioned above to manage your Amazon business effortlessly and ensure long-term success.