SellerChamp Product
Updates – May, 2022

We are very excited to share our product updates in this blog with you our dear visitor. SellerChamp went through quite a transformation – from bootstrapping in-house only software for our liquidation business to fully pledged ecommerce software that helped thousands of people and we have our customers to thank for that. Our company is a reflection of our customer needs, and we would be more than happy to share following updates that were made to our system based on frequent demands.

1. Additional Fields on the eBay Templates Page


You can now set item location fields inside your eBay templates to easily give a group of items the same item location.

The New fields are Country, Shipping Location, and Shipping Postal Code.

2. Repricing Module Improvements

When configuring the Re-list product rule on the Repricer Module, feel free to configure customization that suits your need. The above screenshot reflects the options that are available.

3. Configure Actions to Take For Empty Column Values For Your Feeds

Moving forward, you can leave the value field empty so that the system will execute the appropriate action if the relevant column is empty.

4. Add Parts To an Existing Bundle

Yes, you heard that right — within a click you can add more items to a bundle. Click the Add Item button in the Bundles modal and search for the part item.

With this, it’s not the end of our product updates – we’re constantly evolving and working on new features to help you improve, enhance and optimize your eCommerce operations.