Happy 2023! We hope you are having a great month!
We’ve made several UX changes o. Here’s a quick rundown of the latest features we rolled out over the past two months:

1. Sort items alphabetically inside batches

You can now go to a batch and sort your listings by title. We hope this feature helps you quickly find your listings.

2. Continuous Sync now supports additional fields

We’ve added three new essential fields to the Continous Sync component:

  1. Shipping Fee
  2. Handling Fee
  3. Miscellaneous Fee

3. API now exposes the is_prime flag for Amazon Prime Orders

As shown above, we’ve exposed an additional field named ‘is prime’ in the Orders API that will tell you if the order is an Amazon Prime order.

4. SellerChamp now auto-remembers your selections

Yes, you read that correctly! We understand how inconvenient it is to choose the same options every time. SellerChamp will now save your previous selections for the below-listed components so you don’t have to manually select them:

  • Report downloads on the Batches and Products pages.
  • The default marketplace that you select on the top right.
  • Report download on Pick & Pack page

5. Download error reports of your listings

You can now define the folder in which the system should generate a batch when the import for the relevant Channel connection begins.

5. Configure the import Batch folder for a Channel Connection

With a single click, you can now download a report containing the error reason for all of the products that have errored.

6. Email support for order routing

We’ve expanded our order fulfillment support by adding email support to our pipeline. You can now route emails including order tracking and carrier information to SellerChamp. We will parse the emails and update the order with tracking and carrier information on the appropriate selling channel.

Note: There is a small one-time setup fee applied.

7. Support for creating orders inside Shipstation.

As you are already familiar with the fulfillment service pipeline where we can route an order to any fulfillment provider, we’ve added one more partner to the list which is ‘Shipstation’. SellerChamp can now create orders on Shipstation as well as update tracking information.