SellerChamp Product
Updates – February, 2022

Hope 2022 is turning out to be a great year for you. We, at SellerChamp, can’t wait to see you win!

We’ve been working day and night to bring some amazing features to you and enhanced some existing ones to add more value to your operations, that can help you take your eCommerce business to the next level this financial year. We just helped you walk a step towards achieving those forecasted sales with confidence.

Here’s a quick overview of the latest features that we’ve rolled out in the past few weeks:

1. Map multiple columns for a field in Feed Mappings

In a feed setting, you can now enter multiple column values for various fields, allowing the system to read from all of the specified columns.

The following fields are supported in this feature:
Notes, Sell Price Add-On Amount, Min Price Add-On Amount, Max Price Add-On Amount, Map Price, and Image URLs

2. Update sell price and qty in linked products view

To make your operations easier, now you can easily update the Qty and Sell Price in the Linked Products modal view.

3. Schedule a Low Inventory report

Yes—you heard that right. On each marketplace’s settings page, you can now schedule a Low Inventory Report. Remember to enter a quantity value so that the system can only include the SKUs that are less than or equal to that value in the report.

Every night, a report will be prepared and forwarded to your email address. Sweet, right?

4. Print item location labels in bulk

You can print all your items Location labels with a single click. Navigate to the Products page and you will see the option under the More Actions dropdown.

With this, it’s not the end of our product updates – we’re constantly evolving and working on new features to help you improve, enhance and optimize your eCommerce operations.