SellerChamp Product
Updates – April, 2022

We have come to you bearing gifts! There are four distinct improvements and developments that we would like to highlight in this email.

All of the mentioned developments are a part of your plan and will add no additional costs to your subscription. This is one of the ways we would like to thank our customers.

1. Search Variant options using SKU, UPC, or ASIN.

This improvement will enable you to search variants directly inside the Variants Modal using UPC or ASIN.

2. Upload Variant Images in a Single Click.

Our customers can now easily upload images to a product by simply clicking the “+” button inside the Variant Images Model.

3. Improvements on User Permissions Module

We understand how important privacy is! Now you can allow your employees to view, update, and delete only the batches that they created.

This is presently only accessible for the Batches module, but it will be added to other key features very soon!

4. Filter Variant listings on the Products Page more efficiently

To make your life easier, we’ve included two new filtering options: Variant Barcode and Variant ASIN.

The variant listings with the relevant Barcode or ASIN will be returned if you search using either of these options.

With this, it’s not the end of our product updates – we’re constantly evolving and working on new features to help you improve, enhance and optimize your eCommerce operations.