How to Make Money on Amazon

How to Make Money on Amazon: 7 Strategies to Ace The Game 

A stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur, Sherri Yukel is the founder of Big Dot of Happiness, a party décor company. After the birth of her second child, Yukel quit her job and started creating party props for every occasion.

From building a website to marketing it online, she gradually scaled her in-house business before launching her Amazon store in 2012.

Ever since, Sherri’s little venture has seen phenomenal success on the world’s biggest marketplace—getting recognition from Jeff Bezos himself! Millions of aspiring entrepreneurs like Sherri have tasted success on Amazon, with 85% of sellers gaining profits from their stores.

An easy set-up, massive traffic, a ready-made storefront, and global recognition are just some of the many benefits of selling on Amazon. More importantly, there are little to no barriers to becoming an Amazon seller. So, if you’re wondering how to make money on Amazon, this guide has all the answers for you.

7 Strategies to Make Money on Amazon

Amazon is the go-to platform for businesses to host and sell their products. But, there’s a major difference between just listing products and optimizing your strategies to make more money through the platform. We’re going to help you with the latter. Let’s begin!

1. Study the Amazon consumer market to see the top-selling product categories

The number one step to learning how to make money on Amazon as a seller is establishing the proper foundation for your business.

Before you do anything else, dive into the Amazon consumer market and find crucial insights about the bestsellers and popular categories. This research, both local and global, will guide your efforts to start a thriving Amazon store.

Here are some best practices to study the marketplace: 

  • Amazon bestseller lists: Amazon itself is the best place to start your research. The Bestsellers page will give you an overview of all the top-selling products in every category. Pick a category and analyze the profitability. You can also complement these insights with the data from the “Movers and Shakers” and “Hot New Releases” sections.
  • Movers and Shakers: Study the products’ popularity levels in the last 24 hours.
  • Hot New Releases: Find products with the best sales records and new releases.
amazon best seller products
  • Use Google Trends: Google Trends will inform you about all the popular topics. It’s a great way to get the consumer’s pulse outside of the Amazon marketplace. For example, if a new web series goes viral, consumers would want to buy its merchandise online. This gives you the chance to identify what the buyer needs, plan your manufacturing and inventory accordingly and tap into this trend.
use google trends
  • Product and competitor research: Once you’ve shortlisted products for your store, search for every product’s sales record and competition. A tool like SellerChamp can help you with this analysis by finding the sales rank, number of competitors, and current pricing for any product.
insights n reports
  • Products bought together: Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together” and “Customers Also Bought” sections offer a hidden secret on making money from Amazon. By telling you the products buyers usually purchase together, this research will be vital in understanding the buyer’s needs to sell your products in bundles and increase your Average Order Value (AOV) and, thus, your revenue.
frequently bought together
  • Scout other platforms: Another great way to find the best products is by researching other marketplaces like AliExpress and Etsy. These diverse platforms will show you where the demand lies, and you can choose a product accordingly.

While it may seem taxing, this legwork is essential to give you the right direction for selling and making profits on Amazon.

2. Sell branded products on Amazon with stellar packaging

From FBA to the Buy Box algorithm, Amazon’s features for its sellers have made it convenient for virtually anyone to start selling on the marketplace.

Instead of producing or sourcing products yourself, you can also be a direct-to-consumer reseller for top brands and get big profits.

This is how you can place the brand name in the product title and your store name below it.

Here are some points to remember when selling branded products on Amazon:

  • Seek Amazon and the brand’s permission to resell the products on the marketplace.
  • Check with your suppliers for copyrights before listing them on your store.
  • Create a unique packaging for these products to get repeat customers.
  • Always ensure you buy authentic versions of every product.

Reselling on Amazon is easy and profitable—if you know how to do it right. Remember to follow all these points before registering yourself as a D2C reseller for a reputed brand.

3. Optimize your Amazon listing to grab more eyes

A higher ranking on Amazon search means more visitors and better sales. But ranking higher and converting visitors into buyers will take more than just using the right keywords. You have to optimize your product listing to beat Amazon’s algorithm and turn heads around. Here’s how:

  • Add high-quality images: Clear and crisp product photos will give your buyers the confidence to hit the “Buy Now” button. Invest in product photography to get professional and appealing images for your store.
Add high-quality images
  • Title your products: The product title allows you to add keywords and describe your products extensively. Use at least 80 characters to write this title and tap into the user intent with your choice of words.
title your products
  • Product descriptions: The description for your products is the key to finalizing the purchase. Add a blend of creativity and keyword optimization to write a copy that attracts and converts.
amazon products description
  • Reviews and ratings: An average shopper makes buying decisions based on other people’s experiences. They rely on any product’s reviews and ratings to assess its quality. So, ensure that you get a good rating and review from your buyers to optimize your listing.
reviews and ratings matters

4. Place ads for your top-selling products

You have decided the products you want to sell. You have optimized your product listings. But you’re still confused about how to make money on Amazon. The answer to that is Amazon ads.

Amazon’s sponsored product ads rank your listing on top of every relevant search result without making it too apparent that it’s a sponsored listing. You simply have to list down all the trigger words, and the ads will do the magic.

Here are some best practices to leverage ads to spice up your Amazon store:

  • Start with automatic targeting, but switch to manual campaigns after the initial run.
  • Refine your ad’s targeting capacity with the right match type—broad, exact, negative, and phrase.
  • Put your ad’s target keywords in the product title, description, and features.
  • Differentiate your bids based on keyword performance and worth.
  • Spy on your competitors to check which keywords they’re ranking high for—outrank them with ads.

Any strategy for success on Amazon is almost incomplete without ads. Plan your PPC campaigns to get the ball rolling and start making sales.

5. Direct people to your Amazon store through social media

Whether you’re new to Amazon or a seasoned seller, you will need some social media support to drive your Amazon business. Steep competition demands good marketing to establish your credibility, increase visibility, and build brand promise.

So, it’s crucial to build and leverage your social media presence for your Amazon success. Try these proven practices to achieve this goal:

  • Traffic for your listings: Many sellers use a Super URL—a link to your product with a specific keyword. When you promote this link on social media platforms through content, this URL will allow you to get more traffic to your listing while improving your chances to rank for that keyword.
direct social traffic
  • Create a sales funnel: With a sales funnel, you can find your target audience on multiple platforms, bring them into the funnel, and convert them into buyers. This tactic saves your time and efforts while maximizing the results of social media marketing.
ecommerce sales funnel
  • Multi-channel marketing: Like social media, you can use multiple online marketplaces to post your listings and direct the visitors to Amazon. With its multi-channel fulfillment feature, SellerChamp allows you to create and manage multi-channel listings in a breeze.

6. Create affiliates for your products

Consider the Amazon Affiliate Program as an alternative to influencer marketing for Amazon sellers.

The rules are simple:

  • An Amazon affiliate chooses to promote your products using their affiliate links
  • They drive visitors to your product listing
  • If these visitors make a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission.

This affiliate program acts as a referral marketing system, bringing you qualified and interested leads. Since affiliates get profits through purchases, they are eager to promote your products. Whether through product reviews and round-ups or dedicated landing pages, the affiliate will supplement your efforts to sell more.

Such a model can benefit you in many ways:

  • No warehousing costs
  • Sell to a massive audience
  • Target numerous countries/regions

Backed with an elaborate set of rules, Amazon allows dropshipping on its marketplace. You only need a trusted supplier to prepare the groundwork for this venture. With SellerChamp’s thoroughly vetted  , you have the ultimate resource to get started with your dropshipping business on Amazon.

7. Start a dropshipping business, and work with a trusted supplier

Lastly, if you’re wondering how you make money on Amazon without breaking the bank, then dropshipping  is the perfect answer for you.

Simply put, dropshipping is when you pose as an intermediary between the buyer and the manufacturer/retailer of a product. You simply sell on Amazon in your name while the original retailer ships the products to the buyers.

dropshipping business model

Such a model can benefit you in many ways:

  • No warehousing costs
  • Sell to a massive audience
  • Target numerous countries/regions

Backed with an elaborate set of rules, Amazon allows dropshipping on its marketplace. You only need a trusted supplier to prepare the groundwork for this venture. With SellerChamp’s thoroughly vetted  , you have the ultimate resource to get started with your dropshipping business on Amazon.

How to Make Money on Amazon: Wrapping Up

A good plan and some solid resources can set you on the path to bag big profits on Amazon. The marketplace offers easy entry and set-up—allowing anyone to start selling today. But your success (and profits) depend on the strategy you follow.

Use the actionable strategies detailed in this blog to boost your Amazon success and get incredible results. SellerChamp offers a host of features to make your journey as hassle-free and seamless as possible. From listing your products to fulfilling orders and managing inventory, SellerChamp is with you at every step.

So, whether you’re a reseller, drop shipper, or retailer, rely on SellerChamp to take your eCommerce business to the next level. Start your free trial today.